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Why *DOES* it rub the lotion on it's skin?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

So all Buffalo Bill-ing aside, we've been asked recently, what are the benefits of a Lotion Bar?

And, how do I use them? Hopefully the below will explain why we LOVE a solid lotion bar as part of our everyday ritual self care.

When the weather shifts and Winter really sets in, some form of skin lotion is an absolute survival necessity. Especially in places like Melbourne, when the cold hits, frequent full body application of some kind of skin reviving moisturiser is the only way to avoid painful side effects of dry skin.

There are many lotions out there and although liquid lotions are more prevalent, here are some absolute benefits of solid lotion bars you should know before making your next s(k)incare choice.

So, What is a Lotion Bar?

A Lotion bar kinda looks like a plain bar of soap, but in action, works like a lotion. The bar will stay solid at room temperature* or lower and can be used anywhere on the body.

Our Lotion bars are made from all natural ingredients. Butters and oils including Cocoa & Shea butter, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Jojoba oil, as well as Candelila Wax (a vegan alternative to Beeswax). They also contain Fragrance oil to give them a light scent.

*If you reside in climates that are excessively hot (above 30ᵒc most days) you may want to store your lotion bar in a fridge or cool area of your bathroom to avoid lotion bars melting.

Why is a Lotion Bar Better?

Why is the lotion bar better, you ask?? Here are my top three reasons.

1. No plastic bottle/ Environmental Footprint Because the lotion is solid, there is no need to package lotion in a plastic bottle, we use re-usable and recyclable aluminium tins to keep your lotion bars safe from dirt and dust. Also with natural ingredients, the process for creating a lotion bar is low impact. Yay for Planet Earth.

2. Use IN the shower!

The best time to apply lotion is when your pores are open, either in the shower/bath, or just out of the shower/bath. This allows the lotion to deeply penetrate skin as well as seal and protect skin throughout the day.

3. Purity/No Fillers Lotion bars have a reputation for being a health-conscious choice because they are free from the potentially hazardous chemicals found in commercial lotion products, such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde and petroleum.

How to Use a Lotion Bar

Using a lotion bar is easy!

When you want to apply the lotion, all you need to do it warm the bar up in your hands or rub the lotion bar directly on your body. Your body heat with soften the bar slightly and allow you to spread the lotion where your skin needs it most.

Lotion bars are the most effective just after a shower or bath as it helps trap they hydration you have just applied to your skin, in. Apply to the dryer ares of skin, like knees and elbows and use the excess on your hands to spread out the lotion to other areas, making sure to apply all over, evenly.

How long will a Lotion Bar last?

Our Lotion Bar will last approximately eight to ten uses depending on how vigorously you rub and for how long. Keep your lotion bar stored safely in it’s storage tin in a cool dry place between uses.

If you use the lotion bar in the shower or bath, ensure it dries before storing away and use care when stepping out of shower or tub as it may leave surface area slippery.

Shop the Range here or check out our Instagram for more on our current lotion bar range and more!

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