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Image of 3 botanical top soaps being held in hands

About Us

Devils Bath Parlour is a Melbourne based alternative bath and body company.


Founder Di creates every product to help with your ritual bathing needs. Whether you follow the old ways, new ways or want to worship yourself, The Parlour has something for you. Our products are all handmade, vegan friendly, palm oil free and made in our solar powered studio.


Devils Bath Parlour is inspired by witchcraft, seasonal magic, the underworld and ritualistic self care; and we incorporate this aesthetic in every product.

The (Un)Creator

Black and white image of Di, creator of Devil's Bath Parlour

Hello Sinner!

I see you want to know more about me, well, my name is Di and I'm the (un)creator of all the unholiness found within the Parlour.

I love incorporating daily rituals in my life and my home. I always try and promote and practice self care and this in turn has led me to release my first range of ritual bath salts, soaps and scrubs, with more bathroom delicacies planned in the near future.

What I love most about what I do is the mixture of art and science, the blending of old ways, magic, and the science of creating something that looks beautiful and has true purpose.


My inspiration comes from mythology, witchcraft, the underworld and old magic and you'll often find me, nose in book, reading up on the topics. 


While working on our unholy range, I love listening to True Crime podcasts (Casefile and Australian True Crime, top picks!), watching Shudder TV or listening to good ol' rock and metal.  

What the Heathens Declare

Jess C

Sinful Soaker


I blissed out in my clarity bath soak yesterday. Was heaven ❤️🖤

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