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Introducing The Seven Deadly Sins

Introducing the Seven Deadly Sins.

We all know them, or at least know a couple of them. Many of us, have seen the movie Se7en which uses each sin as the main plot line. If you were raised in somewhat religious home, you may have been warned against them, but here, we’re taking them back.

No longer are we considering sin ugly and dirty. In fact, we’ve made them pretty and one of the cleanest things around, SOAP!

You all might know the seven; I. Lust, II. Gluttony, III. Greed, IV. Sloth, V. Wrath, VI. Envy, VII. Pride

But you may not know that there are a few sinful attributes each carries with it, along with the representing demon for each. Researching and learning more about each sin was really fun. It inspired each of the colours and scents we have used to portray each one in their own sinful way.

Here is just a taste of what we gathered on our journey through the hellish Sins.

I. Lust

Lust is the first and least “reprehensible” sin in the list. Uncharacteristically represented by the colour blue. Most people would associate red or bright pink with lust – but traditionally, blue is the colour of deep feeling, like an ocean, all encompassing, which Lust can feel like. We chose to go rouge with this and have represented our Lust with a pink swirl with punchy red soap stars…luscious!

We felt the Rose & Ruby Plum was a fitting and traditionally scent one would associate with Lust, sweet floral and all encompassing.

II. Gluttony

Second in line is Gluttony, represented by the pig and the colour pink. Beelzebub heralds gluttony. A Prince of Hell and The Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub represents all that the glutton is about.

This has got to be one of the SWEETEST sins, I mean who can deny the occasional late-night sweet treat or two? But, it is a bit more than that, it’s true over-indulgence, over-consumption and giving the luxury of food and drink top billing in your life.

We craved something that really hit that over-indulgence feeling of the glutton and found that Hot Jam Doughnuts were the winner – making it a true guilty pleasure.

III. Greed

One of my favourites in the range is Greed – it is represented by the colour yellow – but we took a bit of artistic license with this as I’ve always felt (like Envy) Greed was a green sin – maybe it’s the memories of Scrooge McDuck swimming is his vault of money and Mr Burns stuffing wads of green notes into his wallet, so we did a combo – green and yellow swirls with a luscious golden detail top.

Fresh like a Wall St banker – Greed’s has been fragranced with Basil & Cucumber with hints of Green Melon.

Greed’s associated demon is Mammon, who is very true to his Sin in that he has as many as 4 sigils associated with him

IV. Sloth

Sloth gets a bit of a bad wrap (being a sin and all) and as someone who is always “go, go, go!” I feel like Sloth is a necessary “evil” sometimes. Sloth is represented with the colour blue – soft and lazy, and represented by Belphegor and the snail. We found the most lovely and lazy feeling scent for Sloth and it make you feel like you’re just chilling in a orange grove, with a pieces of sweet guava and figs that softens that citrus punch.

V. Wrath

Ruled by Satan himself – for his anger was so strong and unwavering – Wrath was one we wanted you to really FEEL! So we included a smattering of Poppy Seeds to give this Cedar & Saffron bar the true wrath experience.

Wrath is represented by Orange/Red (we went with Orange) and is the sin of the Lion.

VI. Envy

Envy is the art of counting another’s blessings instead of your own.

The great beast Leviathan is the Demon Lord of Envy – represented by Green and the snake – Envy is maybe one of the most well-known sins. That “Green Eyed Monster” is never really far from the day-to-day life we live.

We picked a deliciously woody Sandalwood fragrance for Envy – mainly due to it being one of the most sought-after scents – it felt kind of fitting in a way.

VII. Pride

Now Pride is considered the fundamental sin and the mother of all vices. The first sin ever committed was an act of pride when Samael refused to recognize God as his *Lord*.

So it comes as no surprise that Lucifer (Lightbringer) is the heralding fallen angel of Pride. Also represented by the colour purple, Pride is a Peachy & Musky indulgence.

Our Sinful Seven are the perfect addition to your bathing rituals, and they make gifting and personalising your self-care routine, sinful…I mean, simple. Our Seven Deadlies capture the feeling of each sin through the associated colours, specially curated scents, and plant-based oils.

Each Sin is wrapped in a premium kraft paper with a deliciously devilish red foil label with each sins corresponding demon sigil on the front – perfect for a special gift or personal indulgence.

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