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5 Ways to Celebrate Witches Night this weekend

Witches' Night, also known as Walpurgis Night, is a festival celebrated on the night of April 30th in several European countries. It is traditionally associated with the pagan celebration of spring and the arrival of summer. Some modern celebrations may include bonfires, dancing, and feasting. However, it is important to note that the association of this night with witches is a later development and has no historical basis.

Witches Night rituals Some traditional rituals included lighting bonfires, dancing, and performing spells for fertility, growth, and prosperity. As with any form of spiritual practice, it is important to research and follow safety guidelines and to always respect the beliefs and traditions of others if you plan to carry these out yourself.

Creating your own Witches Night Rituals

Creating self-care rituals involves finding activities or practices that help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and balanced. Here are our top 5 rituals to help you celebrate Witches Night and make it your very own!

Witches Dance A fantastic way to celebrate the corporeal form and generate some strong, change-making energy is through dancing. Dance around a fire, dance to your favorite Spotify mix, dance under the moon, dance under your leaking apartment ceiling. There’s no wrong way. Witches Night has it's own traditional dance the “Witch Dance” It's a fun choreographed dance, first performed in 2016 by the women of Wolfshager Hexenbrut (translation; The Wolf Hunter's Coven), located in Wolfshagen in Harz, Germany. Check out the video links below to learn the dance.

It is always performed to Peter Fox's song “Schuttel dienen Speck,” which translates to “Shake Your Bacon"

You can also check out Mary Wigman's Witch Dance from 1926

Witches Night Tarot Spread Take some time to do a reading, we've put together the perfect spread to help you bring some magic to your night!

Watch a witchy film There are some amazing and magically witchy films available to stream or rent. Witches Night is the perfect time to grab your favourite snacks, find a cosy spot and curl up for a flix fest! Our top picks

  • The Love Witch available on Shudder

  • Practical Magic available on Stan

  • The Craft available on Stan

Check out some Dark Art Plan a trip out and about to discover the darker side of the art world, here are a few upcoming events we'd love to check out!

VIC Head over to the National Gallery of Australia and check out the upcoming Art after Dark starting 13th of May. Find out more here

QLD Botanica 2023 - After Dark Art Walks - Discover the stories behind the artworks with a free guided tour of Botanica: Contemporary Art Outside.

WA Black Sky - Presented by the Berndt Museum, the Cruthers Collection of Women's Art and Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. Find out more here

Don't forget to check out your local event guide for any upcoming events that you can attend and celebrate the darkness in the art!

Ritual Self Care Incorporate a little magic into your Witches Night celebrations and treat yourself! Adding an extra twist on your normal routine is always fun, and making it a bit witchy always add that little extra enchantment to self care!

Run a bath and turn into a bath loving swamp witch with a Ritual Bath Soak or grab your significant other, a bottle of our Seance Ritual Body Oil and have fun with a witchy massage and get some sex magic on to celebrate upon the orgasmic brocken!

Make your celebration of the night as magical and personal as you want!

Whatever you chose to do for your Witches Night make sure you enjoy yourself and make it as spellbinding as you want!

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