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Dark Moon Ritual Kit
  • Dark Moon Ritual Kit


    The Moon made me do it!


    This Dark Moon Ritual Kit is everything you need to connect to the lunar energy at the Full and Dark moon phase.

    Included is :

    - Moon Ritual Kit card with Ritual guides and Affirmations
    - Dark Moon Ritual bath soak
    - Hand poured Dark Moon tea candles
    - Natural cut Amethyst cluster
    - Higher Living Organic herbal teas


    **Note due to the natural nature of the Amethyst cluster, colour and size may vary from kit to kit and may appear different to the piece pictured.

    Out of Stock

    Dark Moon Soak

    A beautiful bouquet of Fressias with hints of sweet red plum

    Dark Moon Tea Candles

    Scented with Ruby Plum & Rose- stop, smell the Roses

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